SEA Charter School

Service Ethics Academics Charter School

SEA Charter School - Service Ethics Academics Charter School


Service Ethics Academics School (S.E.A.) offers young women in grades 6-12 from the city of St. Louis a college-preparatory curriculum in a single-gender environment.  With a planned opening for the 2016-2017 academic year, S.E.A. will partner with families and the community to instill in students a sense of leadership, responsibility, and ethics, supporting young women in their endeavors to achieve excellence both in and outside the classroom.
Our mission is to educate and empower young women by providing an environment in which girls with a wide range of abilities from diverse backgrounds can achieve academic success.  Not only will the school prepare young women for college, S.E.A. will instill sound ethics and teach the value of service to others, preparing students to become confident, dynamic leaders of tomorrow.
Pat Acquisto
Beckie Baum
Anne Julius
Jeanne Kriss
Jane Keuss
Lisa Moenigmann
Kaitlyn Schmidt
Nicole Trueman-Shaw
Alexis Wilson-Kirk

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